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Cordova, S., Sanford, J. (2019) Testing the Hypothesis that the Nylonase NylB Protein Arose de novo via a Frameshift Mutation. Preprints, 2019050123.

Cordova, S., Sanford, J. Nylonase Genes and Proteins - Distribution, Conservation, and Possible Origins. Quantitative Biology.

Heap, B., Sanford, J. (2019) The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis. First edition. FMS Publication. Canandaigua, NY. 126 pages.

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Rupe, C., Sanford, J. (2017). Contested Bones. FMS Publications. Waterloo, NY. 334 pages.


Sanford, J., Brewer, W., Smith F., and Baumgardner, J. (2015). The Waiting Time Problem in a Model Hominin Population. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling12:18


Brewer, W., Scott, W., and Sanford, J.  (2015). “An Integrated Cloud Platform for Rapid Interface Generation, Job Scheduling, Monitoring, Plotting, and Case Management of Scientific Applications”, Proc. of the International Conference on Cloud Computing Research and Innovation, IEEE Press, October 2015, pp. 156-165.


Sanford. J.C. (2014). Genetic Entropy. Fourth edition. FMS Publications. Waterloo, NY. 271 pages.


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Gibson, P.; Baumgardner, J.; Brewer, W. & Sanford, J. (2013). Can Biological Information Be Sustained By Purifying Natural Selection? In: Biological Information – New Perspectives (pp232-263).

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Brewer, W.; Smith, F. & Sanford, J. (2013). Information loss: potential for accelerating natural genetic attenuation of RNA viruses ,In: Biological Information – New Perspectives (369-384).

Rupe, C., Sanford J. (2013). Using Numerical Simulation to Better Understand Fixation Rates, and Establishment of a New Principle: Haldane's Ratchet.


Carter R.C. & Sanford, J.C. (2012).  A new look at an old virus: patterns of mutation accumulation in the human H1N1 influenza virus since 1918. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modeling 9:42doi:10.1186/1742-4682-9-42.


Sanford, J. & Nelson, C. (2012). The Next Step in Understanding Population Dynamics: Comprehensive Numerical Simulation, Studies in Population Genetics, in: M. Carmen Fusté (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0588-6, InTech.

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