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A Brief Synopsis

Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented sexual disaster. This disaster is like a tsunami in that it has appeared very suddenly and has swept across all the nations of the world, creating indescribable chaos and suffering in its wake. However, this disaster, which stems from the sexual revolution, is man-made and is creating billions of victims.

Billions? Yes, we are talking about billions of sexual victims. There are well over a billion people addicted to pornography. There are well over a billion people with one of more sexually transmitted diseases. There are well over a billion people who have been sexually used or abused. Over a billion in utero lives have been aborted in our generation. There have been well over a billion broken marriages and broken families in our generation. Almost every family on the planet now includes one or more individuals who are victims of the sexual revolution. We are talking about a humanitarian crisis of the highest conceivable magnitude—a Sexual Holocaust.

This synopsis briefly describes the harmful consequences of the sexual revolution and zooms out to give a picture of the current state of sexuality in the world today. This synopsis is limited in that it addresses the severity and magnitude of the problem, but does not prescribe a solution. We cannot solve any problem until we first understand the nature of the problem and its magnitude. Therefore, our first and primary goal is to “sound the alarm.”

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