FMS Webinars

As our world rapidly changes, we hope our webinars will help keep you informed about important issues.

We Don't Stand Alone

On 10/10/22 Feed My Sheep went live with Melanie from Canandaigua's "Help Not Harm" group and Brenda from Cattaraugus County's "We the People" group. We hope our conversation encourages parents, grandparents, and all citizens to join local efforts (or start one) in an effort to stand up for the protection of children!

Back to School During the Culture Wars: Part II

In Part 2 of this series, we will be joined by Dr. Erin Brewer, co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children and author of "Parenting in a Transgender World: A Handbook." We will be highlighting specifics of how to parent children as it relates to these cultural issues, how to talk to our kids, and specific steps we can take to protect our kids as they head back to school.

Back to School During the Culture Wars: Part I

During this webinar we explore some major issues that our kids will face as they head back to school this fall. We discuss the overarching issue of the changing definitions of love and truth, and then dig into the cultural ideologies regarding the sexualization of children and gender confusion. Many examples are discussed to prepare parents and community members to stand for truth and the protection of children.

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Parent Resource Guide:

Back to School During the Culture Wars


This resource guide is available for you with some key notes and additional links from our Back to School During the Culture Wars webinars.