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Back to School: Gender Education

It’s time to send kids back to school, and we would like to remind parents to make every effort to protect your children from any potential harm.

We are all learning that our schools are not necessarily safe places anymore. We know that as our kids head back to school, they will be exposed to ideologies that are untrue and unsafe. Over the past few years, we have seen increasing evidence that children are being taught false gender ideologies that are out of touch with reality. In some instances, these ideologies enter the school through anti-bullying lessons, and others through health class or even through random lessons for days of activism. This gender indoctrination is being forced on kids as if it is an infallible “truth,” but these strange new ideologies are not only false, but also very harmful on the psychological, physical, social, emotional and spiritual levels.

Children, starting as early as preschool and continuing through their senior year, are being taught that their gender is subjective, something separate from their sex, and something only they can know. They are taught a multitude of newly invented pronouns and that gender, and even biological sex, lie on a spectrum, rather than the obvious reality that there is a clear binary. The reality of male and female is essential for understanding the real world and is self-evident (apart from a few aberrations).

Parents hold the primary responsibility for their children’s education. In this light, it is our responsibility to protect kids from lies and delusions. To reject male and female leads to delusion.

We urge you to connect with your school. It could be greatly helpful to introduce yourself to your children’s teachers, the school counselor, the school social worker, the principal, and the school’s policies, as well. Find out if your child will be learning about gender and request every lesson plan be made available to you for your review. Request, in writing, that your child be opted out of any lessons focused on gender confusion. Request, in writing, for advance notice of any guest speakers that will be speaking to your child. Ask about after school clubs and if your child needs your permission to participate. Ask about how the school would handle a child announcing a transgender identity at school. Would the parent be notified?

In today’s world, us parents need to be extraordinarily vigilant in protecting our kids from harmful ideologies.

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