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Back to School: Sex Education

It has become abundantly clear that sex education programs in schools are nothing like they once were when today’s parents of school age children were themselves in school. Through what is often being called ‘Comprehensive Sex Education,’ our kids are being taught age-inappropriate and politicized sex education. Kids are often being shown graphic images at early ages, most kids are being taught an untrue gender ideology that flies in the face of science and biblical truths, and the focus is increasingly on teaching kids how to consent to sex, rather than helping them learn about biology and how to set healthy boundaries. Sexual delay greatly reduces the physical risks of sex and decreases the number of lifetime partners for an individual, which decreases the risk of STDS and teenage pregnancy. Sexual delay also appears to aid in the permanence of future marriage. (1) Yet the philosophy of the new comprehensive sex ed is that teaching about the benefits of abstinence is “sex-negative” and Comprehensive Sex Ed aims to be solely “sex-positive” – encouraging any sexual behaviors, at any age, with any number of people, of any gender. Is this what you want your child learning?

Did you know that Planned Parenthood, who performs abortions on 96.9% of their pregnant clients (2) and runs over 200 health centers in 31 states providing hormones to transgender patients, is also the (self-proclaimed) #1 sex educator in America? In their last report year, they reached over 1.1 million through their sex ed programs and over 2.5 million through their digital education sessions and videos. (3) Is this who you want teaching your children?

Clearly, we need to take action to protect our kids. As we send our children back to school this fall, the Center for Childhood Innocence, a collaborative effort between New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation and Feed My Sheep Foundation, would like to remind parents opt your child out of sex ed. Write a dated letter to the school clearly stating that you are opting your child out of any and all sex education activities. Ask that it be shared with any relevant staff and placed in your child’s permanent school record. An example letter is provided here.



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