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Considering the Cost

During the past few months, we have been exposing the costly nature of transgenderism. Children as young as eight years old are taking puberty blockers and suffering from decreased brain development, increased chances of osteoporosis and depression. Almost all of the children who start on puberty blockers go on to take cross-sex hormones. This combination of medication will sterilize the child. Finally, girls as young as thirteen are getting healthy breasts removed, and boys as young as seventeen are getting healthy genitalia removed.

Transgenderism is costly—and not just in the ways we mentioned, but also monetarily. Female to Male bottom surgeries are so expensive that clinics are almost entirely supported by these procedures alone. Besides the surgeries, there is the ongoing medication that needs to be purchased. Finally, cross sex-surgeries often lead to future complications, which in turn, leads to more doctor visits and possibly more surgeries, and still more medication. Transgender individuals become medical patients for life.

As a parent, if invasive medical practices would save your child’s life, there would be no question of cost or side-effects. We would do anything to save our children. But are these medical procedures and side-effects necessary? Does this transition process really work? If you listen to the testimonies of de-transitioners, the answer is “no.” With each phase of transition, these individuals were filled with excitement—until they realized that such medical practices had not relieved their gender dysphoria. Their mental health was no better off and now their bodies are damaged.

Up to 98% of children who struggle with their gender, come to accept their biological sex as an adult if they are not affirmed in their gender confusion. Despite this reality, medical centers, schools, and transgender activists continue to push this transition process. These harmful medical treatments are being advertised to children, and many children are getting caught up in this social contagion. At the Center for Childhood Innocence, we urge you to question the true ‘cost’ of this so-called ‘affirmation.’ We hope that you will stand with us and protect childhood innocence.

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