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Children are being exposed to hyper-sexualized content in schools. They are also being indoctrinated with harmful and untrue beliefs regarding gender. For the sake of protecting children, instruction such as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Gender Ideology must stop. These two issues are intimately related because most CSE programs aggressively promote gender ideology. Our aim is to bring awareness to the reality of these issues, expose the harms they present, and encourage families to protect their kids.

Below, we have answered:

1) What is happening?

2) Why does it matter? and

3) What can we do?


After this brief introduction, we provide a variety of resources including videos, articles, interviews, and resource lists.

Download a PDF of resources, including guides, websites, organizations, and movies.

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What is Happening?

Comprehensive Sex-Ed

Comprehensive Sex Ed sounds like it might be okay at first glance, as it claims to be medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive in scope, and inclusive. However, after reading any CSE curricula, CSE standards, or specific lesson plans, it is made clear that CSE is “one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children.” (  It exposes children to explicit material, promotes a sexual orientation and gender ideology worldview, promotes early sexual autonomy and activity, and is egregiously age-inappropriate.


Many districts currently incorporate CSE curricula in their schools. To make matters worse, New York State is considering two bills (S2584A & A6616) that would mandate CSE for every child in every public school, every year starting in Kindergarten.

Gender Ideology

Schools are systematically teaching children a gender ideology that is far from reality. This is an ideological activist-driven movement that is a clear attack on truth. Children are indoctrinated starting in preschool to believe that that they are not necessarily boys or girls, but instead can choose their gender identity, could be “born into the wrong body,” or that their gender could change, even from day to day. They are encouraged to explore pronouns they like best. This all needlessly creates gender-confused people and influences them to make risky decisions that lead to dangerous and irreversible interventions with lifelong consequences.


This ideology teaches that sex is only “assigned at birth,” and is a guess made based on the way a baby’s body looks. In reality, sex is determined at the moment of conception and present in every single viable cell in the human body throughout one’s lifetime.


This gender ideology also teaches that gender is a spectrum of choices, and is a concept based on how you internally feel. This subjective sense of gender can change throughout your lifetime, or even from day to day. It teaches that you are the only one who can know your true gender identity and kids are encouraged to explore their identity to feel which gender and pronouns feel right to them.


This agenda has made its way into classrooms through several means: comprehensive sexuality education, school policies, school health clinics, books in school libraries and classrooms, activist teachers, guest speakers, counselors and social workers, pride clubs, and certainly the influence of peers and social media.

Why does it Matter?

Comprehensive Sex-Ed

CSE erodes values by teaching anything-goes sexuality, fluid gender identities, critical race theory, early sexual experiences, and more.


CSE sexualizes children by exposing them to explicit images, forcing children to role-play sexual scenarios in the classroom, and forcing them to discuss a variety of sexualized topics with their classmates and teachers such as masturbation, anal sex, and more, at early ages.


CSE overtly promotes gender confusion by aggressively training young children to explore their gender identity as if gender is a profound mystery that each child needs to discover for him or herself. It teaches that children could be “born in the wrong body,” or that they can choose their gender based on their preferences and that it can change throughout their lifetime or even from day to day. All of this systematic brainwashing logically leads to psychological disassociation with reality.


CSE profoundly undermines parental authority by convincing children to access STD testing, contraception, cross-sex hormone treatments, and abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

Gender Ideology

Teaching children incorrect beliefs about the very basics of humanity and who they are is a serious issue that causes harm on a number of levels.


Physically, as children are becoming increasingly confused about their gender, they are taking drastic and irreversible measures to change their bodies to become more androgenous or more like the body of the sex they prefer. Children as young as 8 are taking pharmaceutical puberty blockers which can cause mental illness and permanent physical harm. They are then moving on to cross-sex hormones, which can also be given starting at just 8 years old. These cause a host of permanent changes and damage to the body. Taking puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones permanently sterilizes children. Children as young as 13 are getting double mastectomies of healthy breast tissue. Children as young as 17 are undergoing full genital sex reassignment surgeries.


Psychologically and emotionally, children are being trained to believe the voice of activists over the voice of reason. There is significant psychological confusion that comes from indoctrinating children to believe a lie about something as painfully self-evident as their own gender. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are 8 times more likely to present with gender dysphoria. Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are 7 times more likely to present with gender dysphoria. Most youth who identify as transgender or gender-nonconforming are depressed. Many young children who express gender confusion have a history of trauma or abuse. After sex reassignment surgery, trans-identified individuals are almost 20 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population.  By focusing all counseling and supports on the gender identity issue, and rushing to affirm a delusion, children are missing out on much needed help for their underlying issues.


Socially, one study showed that when a teen announces a transgender identity to their friend group, 3.5 friends per group also become trans-identified. We have a concerning social contagion on our hands. Gender ideology instruction is making this much worse. Additionally, a major social harm are the families being torn apart as children are taught to separate from any family or friends who don’t immediately affirm any gender identities they announce.


Spiritually, children are rejecting the concept of absolute truth in favor of a postmodern humanist worldview where anything they believe to be true, is true. Children are taught to reject God’s good design for males and females, reject the reality of sin, and therefore reject their need for a savior or the reality of the gospel. They are embracing false and fleeting identities rather than a true eternal identity in Jesus.

What Can We Do?






Videos and Radio Features

Download the slides.

This presentation includes graphic content that is not appropriate for children.

CSE and Gender Ideology in Schools:
A Presentation by FMS Foundation

CSE and Gender Ideology in Schools, Part 1:

32 minutes

This presentation is intended for a Christian audience.

CSE and Gender Ideology in Schools, Part 2:

26 minutes

This presentation is intended for a Christian audience.


6 minutes

Is your child ready for sex? This video exposes one of the many ways that the National Sex Ed Standards sexualize young children.


1.5 minutes

Are you a parent? Are you a Christian? Are you wondering what your children are being taught in school? This short but powerful video captures the essence of why it is important to talk to our children about gender.


8 minutes

Sexual education standards are rapidly changing. This video will walk you through one of the books currently recommended by Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for children as young as 4 years old.


Faith Under Fire Ep.79: What’s Really in the Expanded Sex Education Effort?Family Life News
00:00 / 07:17

Former school counselor Kerry McMillan outlines National Sex Education Standards that have been proposed in the New York State Legislature. The effort devalues God’s design of male and female as early as kindergarten. By sixth grade, kids are taught about sex toys and trained to be LGBTQ activists.


See the Standards for Yourself

In this PDF, you can read the sex-ed standards for yourself. To help you navigate these standards we have simplified the document and have highlighted those standards which are harmful to children.

Click PDF icon to view.

Who is Accountable?

This article addresses who is accountable for the harms being done to children.

Click PDF icon to view.

A Warning About Gender Ideology

This article addresses what schools are teaching our children.

Click PDF icon to view.

Want More Resources?

Download a PDF of resources, including guides, websites, organizations, and movies.

Click PDF icon to view.

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