Feed My Sheep Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation. FMS was founded by Dr. J.C. Sanford in 1997. Dr. Sanford is a retired Cornell University Research Geneticist. FMS was originally founded to help feed a hungry world through education and research. Although the initial research focus was agricultural biotechnology, FMS research objectives have increasingly become broader - addressing all aspects of human welfare. 


The earliest FMS efforts involved developing and licensing genetic engineering technologies that would be applicable to the developing world. FMS began visiting labs in developing countries and negotiating with large biotechnology companies to try and transfer new technologies to developing world applications. At one point, FMS held technology rights to an alternative genetic technology (organelle transformation), that appeared to confer a superior form of glyphosate resistance to crop plants. This technology was contested and was eventually dropped. This controversy led FMS to abandon any further genetic engineering efforts. FMS then began to encourage local efforts to discourage pornography and provide more wholesome entertainment for children and families. This effort was extended to local efforts in a town in Guatemala.


Dr. Sanford then redirected his research efforts toward theoretical genetics. Dr. Sanford has spent over 15 years doing research in this area, in collaboration with FMS employees (Dr. Franzine Smith and Christopher Rupe), FMS contracted researchers and other collaborators. This has resulted in 20+ secular publications. Clickable links for these publications and a link to Dr. Sanford's resume can be accessed by clicking on the "publications" button to the right.